Thursday, February 4, 2010

Krishnaleela-Temple art

Mural Painting

This is a sort of painting made on walls and ceilings of caves, temples,churches,palaces etc in ancient times by using natural colours and medium. Murals are important in that they
bring art in to public sphere.

Sincere thanks to my friend Rashmi  who  inspired me and guided me in this attempt.This painting is done on canvas by using Acrylic and water  colours [3/4meter width,1/2 meter height]

എന്റെ ക്ഷമയുടെ നെല്ലിപ്പടി കാണിച്ച പെയ്ന്റിങ്ങ് ആണിത്. പാകപിഴകള്‍ ഏറെയുണ്ട്.